Friday, August 1, 2014

Awesome Travel Games: Imagine I Can games by Manhattan Toys

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Since we travel so regularly, I’m always on the lookout for fun games and toys that are a) inexpensive and b) compact to take along on our travels.  So I was thrilled to find the Imagine I Can tinned games by Manhattan Toys.

Manhattan Toys have created a clever and cute series of games and toys for ages 3 and up which pack away in their own tins. My favorites are the most compact games, priced at about $6 each depending on the retailer.  Just slightly larger than a deck of cards, these games are perfect for traveling!

B and I have been enjoying the Catch a Pirate game and instructions are provided for standard play and modified play for beginning players.

With little pieces, these games aren't particularly well-suited for play in the car or on an airplane (I wouldn’t want to crawl under my airplane seat each time a piece is dropped!) but they are just the right size for packing in your carry-on for keeping busy at the airport, on a cruise ship or in a hotel room.

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