Friday, January 27, 2012

Travel is not always a holiday

I admit I've been a bit lax with my updates lately. The truth is, we've got an awful lot of travel planned for this year with our toddler and I've been so busy researching, planning and taking care of visa requirements, I've had a hard time putting my mind to anything else.

On top of this, my stress levels are high. We've got a trip planned to Mexico and the latest shootings, stabbings and beatings of Canadians aren't adding to my excitement for our upcoming journey.  It isn't like I think we are going to get murdered - I work in an area of Toronto which has been the scene of four shootings in as many weeks, and I drive on the 401 every day, so statistically it is riskier for us to stay home - but the news doesn't exactly get me in the holiday mood.

We've also got a cruise planned leaving from the United Arab Emirates visiting several ports in India.  Not only are the visa requirements for both countries onerous and confusing for Canadians, Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz - not good news since we will be going through the Strait on the way to our ports of call and on the way back.

And, I'm sure you can imagine the reaction of friends and colleagues on hearing we are heading to Mexico AND on a cruise (while everyone is still mindful of the Costa disaster).  So, rather than looking forward to the trips ahead with excitement and anticipation, I'm frankly anxious about it all.

I know all will turn out well and we'll have a lovely time in all of our destinations, but these last few weeks have reminded me that holidays often involve travel, and travel is not always a holiday.  I'll keep you posted!

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