Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My favorite travel necessity

I love Ziploc freezer bags!  They are great for organizing, you can see what’s inside so it’s easy to find things, you can wash and reuse them and they keep your luggage safe from the inevitable leaky toiletry.  I’ve got a ziploc for each of the following.  I keep them stocked and in my ‘travel’ drawer, so I just pull out the ones I need when I am packing for a trip:

Toiletry pack – toothbrushes, toothpaste, deoderant, diaper cream etc. I always double bag this one just in case the inner bag gets a hole and/or if something leaks

Meal pack – bib, sippy cup, small plastic cutlery, small quiet toys and crayons, small pack of wipes

Prep and wash pack - Small cutting board and paring knife in a plastic sleeve, small container of dish detergent, j-cloths

Laundry pack – hand washing detergent packets, small bottle of fabreeze, small bottle of Downy wrinkle release, dryer sheets (for putting in stinky shoes or to keep clothes fresh in hotel drawers)

Bath pack – inflatable bath tub, a couple small bath toys, a little bottle of bedtime bath liquid, inflatable faucet cover

Bug pack – bug repellent packets and kid’s bug patches, kid’s afterbite

Travel toys – O’Ball, stacking cups, other small toys

First aid kit – bandages, antiseptic wipes, sliver kit, kid’s polysporin-to-go, children’s pain reliever

Safety kit – masking tape, cabinet locks, door jams, bear bell (to put on cruise cabin doors in case B tries to make a stealthy nighttime exit), bungie cords

Tool and power kit – plug adaptors, extension cord, night light, small screwdriver, and extra batteries for the baby monitor and/or toys

Craft pack – colouring pages, sticker sheets, foamy stickers, crayons, air sickness bags, glue stick, pipe cleaners, Color Wonder sheets and markers

Play dough pack – play dough is great fun but doesn’t work well on planes or at the airport, so I pack a few mini canisters with a few moulding tools in a separate bag which I keep out of sight until we are somewhere where B can play without making a mess

Diaper pack – a few diapers, small pack of wipes, change pad and disposable diaper bags

And I always pack extras to carry snacks and for packing possibly leaky souvenirs for the voyage home.

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