Friday, September 16, 2011

Lesson learned from this week's Norway cruise fire

On our recent trip to Norway, we had to opportunity to experience 12 nights about the Hurtigruten ship "Richard With", a ferry-style service which makes 35 stops over the course of the journey.  The ship starts in Bergen and hugs the spectacular Norwegian coast all the way north to Kirkenes on the Russian border, and back.  To access all of these places by car would take months. 

I think back to the amazing scenery along the way and all the wonderful crew... but never did I once take any note of the safety and evacuation information.  Nor did I even ask where child-sized life jackets could be found.  This week's Norway Cruise Fire aboard one of Hurtigruten's other ships makes me seriously question my actions, or non-action to be more precise.  Two crew members were killed, others injured, and more than a third of those aboard were evacuated to life boats before the ship reached the safety of shore. 

Ships can be a great way to travel with a small child (lots of places to see and no unpacking and packing again), but next time I will make the time to study the safety information!

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